When the “dog” started consuming watermelons and growling at night, the market purchaser understood he had been tricked and was shocked
Buying a Tibetan Mastiff puppy was the realization of a dream for a man who lives in the country. This is a rare breed, and those that belong to it excel
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Although quirky has long been a trait of Russians, might eccentric mean embracing a bear? The reply may be “yes” after all, as Svetlana and
The Zoo welcomes newborn twin cubs, who are receiving excellent care from their fantastic mommy
It is so sad to realize how some animals are disappearing. The point is that we, the people, are the main reason for all this. Even our contempt for nature
After spending 9 years in captivity, the sweet bear is finally free enjoying every minute of his life
The bear we are going to talk about is called Taffy. The thing is, he spent most of his life in a cage and never knew what freedom was. After being released