Nastya Knyazeva used to be a child model, and she still looks like one


Youthful model and presenter from Russia. She was awarded the “most beautiful lady in the world” in 2017 by the British version of The Daily Mail.

Soon, she will be nine years old. She manages her own Instagram account with the help of her mother, which has more than a million followers.

Nastya is really skilled and at ease in front of the camera in addition to being gorgeous.

Some singers want women to feature in their music videos, and many respected manufacturers contact her with filming requests.

Recently, Nastya’s mother published fresh pictures of her on Facebook.

In these photos, she seems quite different, with the focus being on her brushed-back, “branded” bangs.

Naturally, there are many who only have a basic memory of Anastasia as a little child and do not recognize her magnificent beauty.

However, the majority of her supporters still praise her and wish her well.

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