Mesmerizing photographer caught a unique scene of a pod of ten 40 ft sperm whales sleeping vertically


Are sperm whales nocturnal? And if so, how? Despite the question’s clearness, scientists spent a long time looking for an answer.

And now, photograph Franco Banfi has not only could see the sleeping sea giants, but he has also been capable of capturing every detail of them. Admire it here!

In 2008, a group of scientists from Japan and Great Britain stumbled upon a herd of sperm whales that were fully still in the water and in an upright position during observations.

This was the 1st time that scientists were able to capture sleeping sperm whales on film.

Researchers were able to establish that sperm whales spend approximately 7% of their lives in a dream during subsequent research.

These massive beings go to sleep every six to twenty-four minutes. The photographer filmed Sabrina Belloni, a diver, as the scuba diver-model next to sleeping sperm whales.

When compared to humans, these singular sea creatures appear even more formidable.

Despite the fact that they may appear clumsy, sperm whales appear to embody grace and harmony in their native ocean environment.