Lady who could stop time: what Miss Universe 1965 looks like today at the age of 74


Apasra Hongsakula, 74, is quite possibly of Thailand’s most notable figure.

When she was 18 years old, she outperformed her competitors in the competition for the title of Thailand’s first beauty and won her first crown at the university beauty championship.

She won the title of student representative for her nation at the main beauty pageant in 1965.She partook in the challenge to bring home the championship of Miss Universe following this triumph.

After that, the participants presented their countries, and the preparations for the prestigious competition were taken very seriously.

The event was covered by the media worldwide. It is not surprising that the queen of Thailand mentored the contestant.

Throughout the competition, Apasra was always noticed by the judges and audience because she was shorter and did not speak English well.

She stands just 1.64 meters high. However, the public was immediately captivated by her sincere smile and refined manners.

The girl unexpectedly won the coveted crown for herself and quickly rose to prominence as one of her nation’s most beloved figures.

She was an instant enviable bride because she was clever, beautiful, and even supported by the royal family. The girl made the choice to wed the cousin of the Queen.

In fact, Apasra held the privileged position of social envoy in the travel industry’s service even before she got married.

The Thai beauty didn’t have a happy marriage. She had a son when she married a royal relative, but the couple eventually broke up a few years later.

The subsequent marriage, which also gave birth to a child, also failed to last long. Workability and enjoyment of life were unaffected by family issues for Apasra Khongsakula.

The lady is an individual from the illustrious family despite everything has impact in the public eye. She now owns Raymond Weil Watches, a successful business, and a cutting-edge spa in Bangkok.

The elderly woman’s chiseled, girlish figure, opulent hair, and radiant skin will not surprise many people despite the fact that her sons have raised her as a grandmother for a considerable amount of time.

According to the former Miss Universe, the keys to youth and beauty are discipline and paying attention to your diet and schedule.

She gets a lot of rest, eats well, exercises every day, and has cosmetic procedures every day.