For 11 years, the sick dog wandered the streets. She slept off on the woman’s porch who had altered her life one day


Solo is an elderly, sickly stray dog. She spent her brief and difficult dog life roaming the streets of Los Angeles.

However, she eventually got herself comfortable on this porch and slept off.

Since then, she has experienced changes in her life that any other dog would find admirable.

When the home’s owner discovered this sad canine, she gave it the name “Nightingale,” which translates to “I came alone” in Spanish.

She didn’t take it; instead, she placed it in a dog kennel, from where the family removed it.

However, after a while, everyone gave it back since Solo was too disturbed and old.

But one day, Carol read Solo’s biography after viewing a picture of her online and decided she wanted to take it away.

Carol was a lover of “Star Wars,” so the fact that the dog had the same name as one of the film’s key characters, Han Solo, pleased her.

She was quite depressed, but I knew right away that she would remain with me, recounts Carol.

When Solo first got to Carol’s house, she didn’t eat much and reacted violently to any attempts to pet her.

Solo had discomfort from her decayed teeth and struggled with her hearing. All of Carol’s issues were carefully resolved.

Before going inside the room where Solo was, she turned on the light so she wouldn’t be terrified.

She maintained good oral hygiene and just adored her. Solo developed become a whole different beast over time.